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Sales and Service Network

Providing Products and Support Services across Japan, the Rest of Asia, and Beyond

Serving the Global Market

Our outstanding track record at home has earned us the trust of the Japanese market. We are leveraging Mitsui Chemicals' operational bases to enhance our global sales and support capabilities with an eye to becoming Asia's most trusted film and sheet supplier.

Serving the Global Market
  • Head Office
  • Ibaraki Works
  • R&D Center
  • Nagoya Works
  • R&D Center
  • Mitsui ICT Functional Sheet, Inc.

Protective Films

  • We are moving ahead with our global strategy for ICROS™ Tape, and which has the No. 1 share in the global market. In order to cope with increased demand in the future, we established a new manufacturing and sales center「Taiwan Tohcello Functional Sheet, Inc.」in Taiwan.

  • Protective Films

Industrial Films & Sheets

  • Our Opulent™ heat-resistant release film is also serving as a jumping board that will enable us to make a bigger splash in the market.
    In 2011 we launched MCTI SCIENTEX SOLAR SDN. BHD. and MC TOHCELLO (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. respectively for production and sales of photovoltaic encapsulants in Malaysia.

  • Industrial Films & Sheets

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