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Message from the CEO

  • President & CEO SAIMOTO Yoshihisa

    Mitsui Chemicals ICT Materia, Inc., was launched on April 1, 2024, as an initiative to create and expand the ICT solutions business in line with the basic strategy of "Transforming our Business Portfolio" as described in VISION 2030 of Mitsui Chemicals. Since the semiconductor market, our main business area, is expected to steadily expand over the medium to long term in spite of the cyclical fluctuations in market size, we must then respond to the potential new needs and applications through consistent technological innovation. Our commitment is to work together in earnest with customers to address the variety of different issues we each face and to improve the processes and performance by providing specialized film and sheet products for the ICT field. In addition, we are developing unique materials for use in electronic component manufacturing processes and solar cell installation and will continue to offer valuable ICT solutions.

  • President & CEO SAIMOTO Yoshihisa

Our aim is to continue to develop core businesses and core technologies based on film and sheet materials by leveraging and integrating the strategy and technology of the Mitsui Chemicals Group as we strive to propose innovative solutions that can be applied to society at large. In order to achieve VISION 2030, all of the employees of Mitsui Chemicals will work together to propose global products and develop World-Wide-Biz. Thank you for your understanding and support.

We look forward to your continued support.

President & CEO
SAIMOTO Yoshihisa

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

Contribute broadly to society by providing high-quality products and
services to customers through innovation and the creation of materials,
while keeping in harmony with the global environment

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Targets

To be a corporate group that continues to grow
through solving social challenges and creating diverse value
with the power of chemistry

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