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Vital to electronic information, photovoltaic cells, and other fieldsIndustrial Films & Sheets

We're a supplier of high-performance films and sheets for global cutting edge industries, including manufacturing processes for electronic parts, as well photovoltaic cells.

  • We deliver film products for use in the high-precision processes that go into making cutting-edge semiconductors and electronic parts. As demand grows for better-performing, lighter, thinner, and more compact electronic devices like smartphones, so does the need for higher precision, better performing, and more cost effective films.
    As for photovoltaic encapsulants, we started manufacturing the products when solar technology was still in its infancy. Since then, the business has grown in step with the development of clean energy technologies. We focus on solution-oriented product development to provide our customers with added value.

  • Industrial Films & SheetsIndustrial Films & Sheets

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