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SOLAR ASCE™ Photovoltaic encapsulants

  • SOLAR ASCE™ (Photovoltaic encapsulants)
  • Solar power has been spotlighted as a shining example of clean energy. Photovoltaic encapsulants prevent water and dirt from deteriorating solar modules and serve as shock-absorbers that protect the cell.

    We have been a pioneer in producing encapsulant for solar cells since 1980s. Based on more than 35 years of experience and knowledge, we have led the market by launching SOLAR ASCE™, a polyolefin based encapsulant for highly efficency solar cells.
    SOLAR ASCE™ are sold to solar module manufacturers around the world who emphasize quality in particular.


  • Weather resistance were added for use in severe environments with sunshine.

    Excellent durability (high temperature, high humidity, and weather resistance)

    Excellent adhesive bonding to glass, cell, and backsheet

    Excellent encapsulating properties during the lamination process

    Excellent optical transmission and transparency

    Excellent flexibility, protecting cells from physical stress during the lamination process

  • SOLAR ASCE™ (Photovoltaic encapsulants)

Features details (SOLAR ASCE™)

■ Able to maintain the initial output level for a long time

Since SOLAR ASCE™ does not generate acid, the output rate is maintained at 95% or more even after 10,000 hours of accelerated evaluation, which leads to an increase in sales revenue and power output.

Features details (SOLAR ASCE™)

*This evaluation is based on using a polycrystalline module.
  The above DH reliability evaluation results are measured values, not guaranteed values.

■ Improved water resistance

Compared to EVA encapsulants, SOLAR ASCE™ pass through and has a low water absorption, improving module water resistance. Therefore, output is able to be maintained even in harsh environments such as on a lake or high humidity.
The improvement of water resistance is expected to reduce the risk of module breakdown, which reduces the cost of replacing or repairing.

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