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ICROS™TapeTape for semiconductor manufacturing

  • ICROS™Tape (Tape for semiconductor manufacturing)
  • ICROS™ Tape has been the world's top protective tape used in semiconductor wafer backgrinding (BG) for many decades. In order to meet the strict requirements of the semiconductor market, we optimize the whole production process from material design to final inspection. Everything takes place within state-of-the-art clean room production environments with strict quality controls in place every step of the way. The result is ICROS™ Tape, an ultraclean tape with superior TTV (total thickness variation). Today, ICROS™ Tape is not only used for BG process but also for many other processes in semiconductor manufacturing flow, such as dicing, packaging process.

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・Low contamination
Controls wafer surface contamination to a minimum.
・Minimizes wafer breakage
Reduces wafer breakage during the back grinding process.
・High accuracy
Maintains excellent wafer thickness uniformity after the back grinding process.

The adhesive is optimized for application with electronic materials from the resin design to the coating conditions so that low contamination characteristics are maintained even after the tape is removed. As a result, the rinsing process that ordinarily follows de-taping can be simplified or eliminated, greatly contributing to keeping the environment clean. During the processing of thinned wafers, the tape contributes a great deal to improved yield (by preventing wafer breakage) as using it allows stage reduction.


Protective tape for the wafer circuit surface during the wafer back grinding process.

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